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Lakewood Center receives Award of Valor from City

The Lakewood Center's Management Team was recently recognized by the City of Lakewood during its annual Award of Valor Luncheon, for their immediate response to a social media post announcing  plans for 'youth mob' to descend onto the mall intended to create havoc and havoc.

Back in September, a member of the Lakewood Center's Security received a tip about the 'youth mob' post naming the Lakewood Center as the point of arrival.

The Sheriff's Department was immediately called and just as suspected, over 200 youth descended onto the Lakewood Center on that given Saturday. 

Lakewood City Manager extended his deep appreciation to the Sheriff's Department, to mall security and to the City's Public Safety staff for teaming up to safeguard the Lakewood Center and eliminate the problem quickly and as safely as possible. 

"That teamwork makes Lakewood Center consistently one of the safest malls in our area, despite the challenges that shopping centers everywhere face," he said.

Every year, the City honors local residents, deputies, firefighters and security personnel for their acts of courage and heroism. With over 300 people in attendance, including Sheriff Robert Luna, the City this year, recognized dozens of individuals with an Award of Valor.


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