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Shop Lakewood… and Help Project Shepherd Get Kids Back to School

New backpacks and school supplies can be dropped off at locations around Lakewood.

Lakewood Project Shepherd is collecting “Back to School” backpacks and school supplies through August 1st for low-income families with school-age children in Lakewood. Many kids in the community could use some help.

New backpacks and school supplies appropriate for all ages will be accepted at Lakewood City Hall during regular business hours or at the Burns Community Center at 5510 Clark Ave. from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. Additional drop off locations include Lakewood Center mall security office, F&M Bank in Lakewood, and any Lakewood park or community center during their regular business hours. For more information, call 562-925-7512 or go to

As you help Project Shepherd, consider that Lakewood has some of the nation’s most popular and value-oriented back-to-school retailers including Costco, Marshalls, Home Goods, Target, Dollar Tree, 99¢ Only Stores, Walmart, Kohl’s, Forever 21, JCPenney, Macy’s and Big 5.

Did you know that as a Lakewood resident you benefit each time you make a purchase at a Lakewood store, restaurant or gas station? A portion of your sales tax dollar stays right here in Lakewood. That pays for parks, roads, law enforcement and all the features that make for a good quality of life here in our community.

This back-to-school season, keep your hometown in mind, and Shop Lakewood… Stay Lakewood Loyal. And check out Shop Lakewood’s home coupons and updates at


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